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Cobblestone Corner Antiques sign


Coin dot vase

Ever find yourself looking for a stylish or classy vase?  Well this vase has it all, class, style, elegance, and character.  These vases were made between 1930-1950.  The pink coin dots pair wonderfully with the white exterior, creating one beautiful vase!

Pepsi Wood Sign
Do you have a man cave or looking to start one?  This would make an excellent addition for both the beginner or the experienced collector!  The Pepsi sign is completely wooden, and has some weight to it!


JIC Candles

Here we will highlight our chosen scent of the month for the Jewelry in Candles that we sell!  Each candle is soy based, and so burns for nearly 150 hours, burns cleanly, and doesn't lose it's scent.  But these candles all have a piece of jewelry inside of them!  Wow! 


Mon:        Closed

Tue:         Closed

Wed:        Closed

Thurs:      Closed

Fri:           Closed
Sat:          10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sun:         Closed

Also open by Appointment.


24512 W Farmington Rd.

Farmington, IL 61531



Be sure to check out our rare and unique antiques every first weekend of the month, May through September when we hold our monthly Flea Market!  They run 9-4 both days! And be sure to swing by during the Spoon River Drive, the first two weekends of October!  We have dozens of vendors with everything imaginable for sale! Located just outside of Peoria, IL.

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