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Cobblestone Corner Antiques

Farmington, IL


Cobblestone Corner Antiques is a family owned and operated business, just outside of Peoria, IL.  We have pursued our passion for unique antiques and flea markets for the better part of a decade, and have loved every second of it!  In our 2,200 square foot building, we personally clean and place each treasure that comes through our doors.  Here, everyone that comes through is a guest in our home of antiques, and we want them to feel that way; which is exactly why we have designed our store to have a home-like feel!


We also offer personal hands-on customer service!  The family knows the antiques in their store, and they want to share those stories with you!  We also want to hear your stories; and to meet your family - all of them, including your pets! That's right, we are pet friendly here.


Have you been looking for that hard to find piece for a long time and don't know where to turn?  Well, let us help you with that!  We have a book where our guests write down their long desired treasures, and we go on the hunt for them.  We have had a good success rate at finding these treasures over the years, going all over the country in our hunt for you because here at Cobblestone Corner: 


"Finding your treasure is our pleasure!"



Here at Cobblestone Corner Antiques, we bring in only the best of the best.  We strive to provide you a large variety of antiques and collectibles of the highest quality, but at an affordable price!

Coin dot vase
Pepsi Wood Sign
Baby Crib/Stroller
Telephone Stand
Pickle Jar
Victorian Lamp
Deer Tapestry
Kitchen Cabinet


Our events take place throughout the year, beginning in May and ending in October. We have so much to look at during all of our events, such as antiques, baked goods, crafts, jewelry, clothing, quilts, and so much more! 


Have you been wanting to get rid of some old furniture or antiques, but still wanted to get some money for it? Let us know! We will take the items off of your hands and put it in our store, and once it sells, we will send you a check! 

A great benefit of consigning with us is that we don't require any monthly payments! Your furniture will be in a temperature controlled environment while being displayed in the best way possible. 

Once you decide you would like to consign with us, give us a call and we will come evaluate the furniture and pieces that you have and will take them to our store. We do have a 15-30% commission on all the consignment pieces, depending on the condition on the pieces.

Available year round

15 - 30% Commission

We pick up!





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